Public/Private Partnership for a Stronger,
Safer Twin Cities Community


Membership Eligibility

Applicants for TCSP membership must meet one of the following membership

Security Practitioner
Executive who is actively employed as the senior security official, with primary
responsibility within the company for law enforcement liaison relationships, of
a for-profit or nonprofit private business enterprise in Minnesota that operates
autonomously with assets and/or sales exceeding two-hundred-fifty million
dollars ($250,000,000) per annum. Primary responsibility must be to develop
and implement policies and controls for the protection of personnel, assets and
revenues of the business enterprise

Supplier of Security Services
Chief executive officer of a company that operates autonomously, engages in 
supplying a full range of consultative security services, and whose business
revenues deriving from such services meet or exceed twenty million dollars
($20,000,000) per annum.

Law Enforcement Official
Top ranking law enforcement official in agency with jurisdiction in the Twin Cities
area of Minnesota.

Critical Infrastructure Official
Executive who is actively employed as the senior security official of a for-profit
or nonprofit private business enterprise engaged in one of the FBI’s thirteen
“Critical Infrastructure” areas: Agriculture, Banking & Finance, Chemicals,
Computer Security, Defense, Emergency Services, Energy, Food, Postal,
Shipping,  Public Health, Transportation, Telecommunications, or Water Supply. 

 * If your organization's headquarters is not based in Twin Cities, then you may qualify for membership if your organization meets all other requirements, and you are the top security official in the Twin Cities at an executive level for your organization.




Participation Requirements

Members are required to:

  • Attend one semi-annual meeting
  • Participate in informational surveys
  • Abide by TCSP bylaws


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